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Comment on Focused's () pic:
22-Sep-16  6:31:50 (581 days ago)
This photo is beyond awesome!
Comment on JennieF's () pic:
22-Sep-16  6:24:51 (581 days ago)
Jennie, I just wrote to you but I wanted to add that for being a mom you are absolutely awesome! Even if you weren't a mom. I think I would marry you simply based on the way you look. I think there is more to you than just what I can see, and I'd like to know you better. Thanks so much for the photos. You are beautiful!
Comment on Focused's () pic:
17-Aug-14  18:46:31 (1348 days ago)
She's beautiful, but her lips makes her even more beautiful!
Comment on Focused's () pic:
17-Aug-14  18:42:18 (1348 days ago)
She is one beautiful woman!
Comment on BFSiteAdmin's () pic:
2-Jul-13  21:15:24 (1758 days ago)
Why Hello ;)

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